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Only training can¡¯t help the business department resolve their performance problems. BBI would like to be the HR partner and committed to performance improvement through organization development-based consulting. BBI will help HR realize their value by enhancing the organization¡¯s overall competition advantage based on our Performance Diagnosis Model.

Organization Development Process

What is Organization Development?

¡°Organization development (OD) is the planned process of developing an organization to be more effective in accomplishing its desired goals. It is distinguished from human resources development (HRD) in that HRD focuses on the personal growth of individuals within organization while OD focuses on developing the structures, systems, and processes within the organization to improve organization effectiveness.¡±


Performance Diagnosis Model

A4 Integrated Learning Cycle™

Delivery Method:

WORKSHOPS: - Integrated learning, discussion on real business, problem solving, action planning, feedback, evaluation types of meetings

BBI help the clients based on OD model from the following fields:
People Process

1. Successfully implemented six integrated people management and development processes

  • Performance Management - Performance planning, on-going coaching and feedback, year end performance calibration and review; and ensure linking pay to performance
  • Talent Management & Development - Identifying and recognizing high Potential and developing them in line with business needs
  • Recognition - A reward framework for career development and pay for performance with career banding and pay system
  • People Plan - Integrating strategic people and organization development requirements into long term business planning process
  • Network - Making sure people know where the business is going and feel part of it through periodically dialogues sessions with all employees. Conducting annual ¡°Employee Satisfaction Survey¡±

2. Development and integration of people management and development tools into six people processes, which includes:

  • Functional competency models (i.e. sales, marketing, logistics, finance and HR)
  • Global Leadership competency profile
  • Competency based interviewing and selection tools
  • Competency Assessment Toolkit
  • High Potential Toolkit
  • 360 Degree Feedback Instrument
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaires
  • Career Banding

Culture Development

  • Design and delivery of communication and training sessions on company values for all employees
  • Implement 360 degree feedback and executive coaching process
  • Launch regional-wide and in-country values in Action Award
  • Establish communication platforms for migration of best practices and sharing which include Sales Council, Marketing, HR & OD network etc.
  • Have periodically regional-wide and in-country ¡°kick-start¡± types of forum/conference for fostering one team and better communication purposes
  • Senior executives lead by examples to foster entrepreneur, open, honest, transparent, empowerment, performance driven and learning culture

Competency Development

  • Develop in-country capability in designing & delivering products, sales and merchandising types of training programs
  • Develop in-market key account management capability through phase one and two regional-wide training
  • Train up the entire marketing team on ¡°Promotion Effectiveness¡±, ¡°Advertising Effectiveness¡±, Research & Analysis¡± and the last training module ¡°Strategic Marketing Planning¡± will be ready by Sept.
  • Develop and implement global, regional and local leadership development programs

Team Development

  • Have actively applied ¡°Team Development¡± technology to address team issues and further enhance team effectiveness and performance. Most markets have been embarking on the team development journey i.e. PRC, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.
  • Have actively leveraged Team Development technology in designing regional and country level conference / meetings / workshop types of events
  • Is a working model for HR profession to advise business heads when dealing with team issues?

Business Processes
1. Key Account Management

2. Sales Development & Management, which includes

  • Account Planning and ManagementPromotional Selling
  • Merchandising
  • Sales Management

3. Marketing management, which includes

  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Planning

4. Wholesale and Distribution Management

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